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Find a place to hunt feral hogs this year

Posted by arthur1234 on December 7, 2009

This logo is from the Noble Foundation website at http://www.noble.org. There is more feral hog information on their site.

Well, the regular deer season ended yesterday leaving thousands of Oklahoma hunters wishing for more big-game hunting opportunities. Our blog spot a couple of weeks ago regarding safe-guards to take if you shoot a feral hog while deer hunting generated a few phone calls and one request electronically about where to find a place to hunt feral hogs in Oklahoma.

Here is what I tell my family and friends when they ask this question:

The best source of information regarding hunting on state owned land is available from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s website here. This is the place to inquire whether feral hog hunting is allowed, if there are indeed feral hogs to hunt, etc.

Feral hogs have been spotted in practically all parts of the state over the years but in general the largest populations tend to be in eastern and southern Oklahoma. They are an extreme nuisance and most landowners want them removed but many are unwilling to let someone they do not know hunt. Still, it never hurts to ask permission if you know someone who owns land populated by feral hogs.

The most sure-fire way to get to hunt privately owned land is by getting in contact with someone who welcomes paying hunters. For that, our Oklahoma Agritourism website has a special section devoted to Oklahoma agritourism hunting opportunities.

I hope this information will help you find a place to hunt and I hope you have success in bagging a lot of feral hogs!

13 Responses to “Find a place to hunt feral hogs this year”

  1. Tracy Bistodeau said

    I am looking for private land close to Oklahoma city that I can archery hunt some hogs I am from Minnesota and will be there on april 6-7-8th

  2. carson4575 said

    I have put your request on the blog but if I were you I would contact one of the hunting venues on the Oklahoma Agritourism website. http://www.oklahomaagritourism.com Very few people are allowing anyone to hunt for free as the lease hunting business is really hot. You can also contact the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for information on public hunting areas. There are lots of feral hogs on the public lands in southeastern Oklahoma.

    Best of luck! Jack Carson

  3. Jack Smith said

    I love how we are always told that here in oklahoma we have this horrible hog infestation yet no one will let you hunt. You have to lease in order to get access to hunt so the way i see it is when they truely do get overpopulated then people won’t care about lease money and they will let you hunt for free!!!!!!!!

  4. Bruce Roberts said

    Jack Smith said it all very well. There is not a feral hog problem if the landowner demands payment to get rid of the feral hogs on his/her property. I’m very happy to let the population increase since it is not a problem for the landowner. If wild hogs do become a problem in the future the landowner will be pleading with gun clubs to eradicate the pests without requiring a fee to hunt the hogs.

  5. Bruce Roberts said

    If there is a landowner that would like to have me and some of my fellow gun club members eradicate the wild hogs on their property, leave me a message at 405-292-7452. I’m an NRA certified range safety officer, pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor as well as an Oklahoma Hunter Safety Instructor. I have many friends that have similar NRA certifications and are Oklahoma Wildlife Hunter Safety Instructors that just do not have access to property to hunt wild hogs.

  6. William Garrison said

    If anyone is interested there are a great number of feral hogs in and around Lebanon, OK. A vast majority of the surrounding lands are owned by the army corps of engineers, and are open hunting year round. There have been some very large hogs spotted and numerous killed in packs as large as 40 and up. If you hunt on corp land during deer season you must have a deer tag though.

  7. Bryan Ruberstell said

    I live in kingfisher county and have seen a few hogs along the cimmaron river just north of kingfisher and back east. I’ve spoke to several land owners about getting permission to hog hunt on their property but the ones I’ve talked to didn’t seem to interested in letting anyone hunt without leasing. I do knoe the hog population is on the rise but not enough to become a problem for the land owners. I would like to add that a friend of mine and myself are very interested in hog hunting and are responsible hunters and looking for a place to hog hunt. If anyone has any info please feel free to contact me. If hogs are that much of a nuisence to farmers and land owners, I agree that we shouldn’t have to pay for a lease due to the problems of hogs and the economy the way it is.

  8. […] Find a place to hunt feral hogs this year (via Oklahoma Agriculture Blog) Well, the regular deer season ended yesterday leaving thousands of Oklahoma hunters wishing for more big-game hunting opportunities. Our blog spot a couple of weeks ago regarding safe-guards to take if you shoot a feral hog while deer hunting generated … Read More […]

  9. Mark Runnels said

    I live in Bartlesville and my son and I would be interested in hunting hogs in Northeastern to Northcentral Oklahoma. I don’t mind paying a small lease fee if there are enough hogs to make it worth while.

  10. brewgoose1 said

    I have 6 to 10 guys that are looking for a place to hunt unlimted pigs small fee is not a problem we will coming from Colorado so we would like to shoot a pile of pigs so if anybody could help it would be great.

  11. Tom Reedy said

    When the pigs tear up the crops and really put a bite in the pocket book of the landowners,then they will be begging hunters to come in and take care of the problem. I believe that charging a fee for size and number of animals taken is total bs. We can help each other. The crop destroyers are removed and the hunter has a hunt and meat for their family.

  12. Mark Runnels said

    Good luck with that. I have been looking for two years. You might consider Northwest Texas. They have a lot of hogs and the landowners want to get rid of them. The landowners here in Oklahoma that I have spoken with consider them an asset and charge the same or higher fees as for a deer lease. Some charge additional fees for each hog, or for each hog above a set weight (trophy fee).

  13. Bruce Roberts said

    If you will look at earlier postings, approximately 1 year ago, you will see where I stated there does not appear to be a feral hog issue in Oklahoma since landowners are charging hunters to rid them of their “problem”. Yep, it is a year later and nothing has changed. It is certainly not obvious Oklahoma has a feral hog issue. Oh well, I’ll check this blog next year to see if Oklahoma landowners develop a feral hog problem.

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