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Livestock Owners Looking for Hay

Posted by arthur1234 on March 21, 2011

Dry weather and grass fires have placed some livestock producers at risk of running out of forage for their animals. State agriculture officials are urging anyone with hay to sell to have their hay listed in an online directory to assist stockmen in locating supplies.

“Less than half of our 77 counties have listings and some of the ones we have only have a few,” said Johnny Roberts, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Market Development Coordinator. “The blizzard and snow storms we experienced this winter caused a spike in hay feeding and now the dry weather is preventing growth in most parts of the state.”

Anyone with hay for sale is encouraged to contact the ODAFF for a free listing.

The Oklahoma hay directory is online at http://www.oda.state.ok.us and the hay hotline is still open at 1-800-580-6543. Roberts can be contacted through the hay hotline or by email at Johnny.roberts@ag.ok.gov.

31 Responses to “Livestock Owners Looking for Hay”

  1. Shawn McMahon said

    We have hay fo sale . We are 10 miles south of Red river near St.Joe Texas 469 6288459 Shawn McMahon

  2. allen carthel said

    we have small square and big round bales for sale. Irrigated and highly fertilized coastal. allen @ Bonds ranch 254-252-0138

  3. Coalton Shavings and Feed said

    We have hay for sale. Round Bales of Prarie Hay and square bales of bermuda.
    Schulter, Ok

  4. Kenna Hall said

    Hay for sale in Wagoner, OK.

    We currently have 25,000 small bales for sale $3.50/bale and 2,000 large square bales for sale $45.00/bale.

    Please contact 918-485-2822 for more information and pick up times.


  5. Dr. Katherine Dossey said

    I have approximately 5000 small squares of varing types and approximately 300 4×5 rounds– prairie and bermuda mix. I am retiring and interested in selling all my hay…. all are this year cut and most is first cut.

  6. Tim Jones said

    I have prairie hay for sale. I am located in Oologah,OK 918 625 2671

  7. Keith Collier said

    We have sudan hay for sale over 100 4×5 round bales in Alex, OK 580-476-2045 Keith & Jenifer Collier

  8. Shawn, do you deliver hay with your own transport or we have to organize own?

  9. Bob Karlin said

    I have around 100 plus bales of wheat hay, 6 ft, baled this year. I am 60 miles east of okc at Hydro, Okla. 405 542 7297

  10. terrycgoebel said

    We have hay for sale. We live in Pryor, OK you can contact us through e-mail. e-mail is goebelladonna@yahoo.com or call 918-332-0925 or 918-332-0924, if no answer on either numbers please leave a message and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Terry and LaDonna Goebel.

  11. We have 1500 Coastal – Mix Round bales for sale..
    contact Rodney Adams @ 817-645-4325 or e-mail sdavenport@lsroutdoors.com

  12. Garry Mills said

    100 round bales of grass hay for sale in Fannin County, Texas. Call Garry Mills for details @ 903.640.3804

  13. Garry Mills said

    I have 300+ round bales of grass hay for sale in Fannin County, Texas. Call Garry Mills for more details at 903.640.3804

  14. Jerry Pickering said

    I have 180 – 5×6 round bales. Good quality prairie grass in the barn. You would have to make arrangements for load and transport. South Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.

  15. I sale round about 200 bales of grass hay. For contact please get this email mujer.desnuda@gmail.com

  16. Darrel Farnsworth said

    I have approx. 1000 round lovegrass bales for sale. I am downsizing and no longer need them. For more details call 580-541-4109

  17. John Craig said

    Thats alot of hay

  18. Seems like you’ve gotten a good response, at least. It was definitely a harsh winter. Long and extremely cold.

  19. Ronnel said

    We have thousands more bales, If interested just call me 918-339-591
    for prize and location.

  20. We have sudan hay for sale over 100 4×5 round bales in Alex, OK 580-476-2045 Keith & Jenifer Collier

  21. johnm said

    We have 1000 Round bales for sale..

  22. Rob said

    This drought is likely to go for a lot longer so offering free listings for people to sell hay is noble but not likely to help in the long run.

    Need a more effective solution.

  23. hugablog said

    This year drought poses great impacts on every single section of farming. How is the situation these days? I hope thing’s getting better.

  24. We still have 500+ round bales of grass hay available,
    I also have prairie hay for cheap price. If anyone is interested just contact me.


  25. Robert Kittrell said

    Any round bales of prarie grass or coastal bermuda to be delivered to a farm close to Kemp, Texas costing no more that $50 per bale? Please reply by E-mail or phone.

  26. Whitaker said

    Mr.Peterson i sent you an email. anyone have large square bales? i need 1000+.

    John Whitaker

  27. Cindy Patton said

    We have several hundred new cutting of 4×6 round bales of Bermuda/Rye mix with over the edge net wrap for sale @ $40 ea. for cow quality & $45 ea. for horse quality. I am looking for haulers with semis. Located in NE OK in Ottawa County… Contact me thru email @ farmchik_1@yahoo.com or phone 417.438.6922

  28. Cindy Patton said

    We are changing the size of our bales of hay to 4 x 5 1/2 per several haulers recommendations because of low overpasses on highways. Since we don’t know what highways our hay will be traveling we are following their suggestion. Please email me if you have any questions.

  29. Cindy Patton said

    We NO longer have any hay at this time. All Sold OUT !! Will post again if we have any fall cutting hay. GOOD LUCK!

  30. jason roy said

    will be bringing a load to oklahoma city on aug 8 2012 if anyone interested 304-698-7035

  31. Jamie Davis ( Davis Brothers Farms ) said

    I have several hundred round rolls 4 x 5 tight centers that is fescue and orchard and fixing to get couple hundred more that is fescue and johnson grass that is all been fertilized and sprayed for weeds . and I have several hundred small square bales that I am selling if interested then U can give me a call in am in TN and my cell is 423-413-6838 . and all of this hay is this years cutting and been in the barn so it has been in the dry. and I hope that I can help yall and the round rolls are $40 and square bales are $4 plus the cost of shipping .

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